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Cathy Houghton

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I am Cathy Houghton,  Health and Movement Coach.

I support clients to achieve a better sense of wellbeing and self-care – for now and the future.  I have 2 specialisms:

  • distressed overeating, and an unhelpful relationship with exercise
  • menopause coaching and fitness

Very often these areas overlap in clients, that is OK.  Everything I do is to help clients build better relationships with food, movement, and self.

I coach 1-2-1, and in small groups. I also coach clients as couples too.

My coaching is neurodivergent affirmative.  I am currently running a series of workshops for clients titled ‘ADHD and wellbeing’.

You can read more about my coaching by clicking on the buttons below, and find my qualifications here.

Thrive, Flourish, Blossom. 

Additional Resources

“I Know What To Do

(But I Just Can’t Do It!)”

The phrase I hear most from almost all new clients.  Usually accompanied by ‘I should’ ….

Why is this? Click on the button for my free download to read my thoughts.  

Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much for supporting me through these last few months. I’m sure one way or another I would have found my way through them but I honestly don’t know quite how. Having you behind me equipping me with the tools to get through and being a listening ear has been my saviour.”

“I am so glad to have had this experience with Cathy and would recommend her enthusiastically.”

“Cathy is a very compassionate and skilled listener.  She is a high level of expertise and knowledge and she is able to provide a wide range of resources to support you in the changes that you want to make in your life in relation to food and wellbeing.”


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